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See you there! :)



“Before I was introduced to Body Talk, I used to live in a world of pain and fear.  Doctors who understood very little about me had given me multiple diagnoses, including Bipolar Disorder of the Type II, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the last one, Major Depressive Disorder.  They had forced me into hospitalization and had prescribed several medications at very high doses that never worked.  Although it was clear that my overall health was deteriorating, they firmly stated I should not even consider reducing the dosages I had been prescribed. I was told my view of myself was not correct and that I was not well-educated on the matter of psychiatric and neurological health (although I had been pursuing my doctorate at their very institution.)  I was supposed to understand and accept that my condition was biologically based, and therefore it required counteracting biochemical drugs in order to be balanced –but never healed. Clearly I needed change, but they were just not it.

Listening to myself is what changed everything.  Body Talk-ing helped me understand why dis-ease had taken place in my body, and gave me the confidence I needed to stop taking medications.  Once my body-mind and soul were heard, my perspective shifted and so did the Universe. An incredible sequence of events took place, all of them supporting a deeply transformative journey. Within merely 3 and a half months, here is what happened: I was dismissed from my Ph.D. program, where what I actually wanted to pursue was not given any room.  Financial resources arrived from multiple and unexpected sources, allowing me to relocate.  In my new place, I have been showered with highly positive people and events, all of them adding to my daily joy, fulfillment, and understanding.  It also became clear to me that my life partner had been there all along – and we got married!  I now live in a world of trust, gratitude, love, and insights.  I am always exactly where I need to be, and I know my future can be exactly as I want it, because the present already is.”


Hi Laura,
I enjoyed the class very much.
I have been doing the Access routine since then and what I am noticing  is that I am having bursts of energy that come flooding in. They are not nervous or hectic, but feel great! Curious to see how I feel as time goes on.
Greetings from the desert –

“So, since our session a few months ago, I feel stronger emotionally than I have in years. It took a while, as you said it would, for everything to work itself out but the results have been pretty incredible. I ALSO haven’t had any back pain since our session, after being totally out of commission for at a few days every few weeks. None, not once!

Because of this, I feel like I DO want to take the jump and get certified in Body Talk. I have been searching for some type of healing modality for a while now and because of my results, I want to share them with other people…. Thank you”

Molly D.

Anne-Marie broke her foot a few months ago and has been experiencing pain and stiffness. She had been having trouble walking and the doctor wouldn’t let her exercise at all and suggested an operation…

After one BodyTalk session, the pain disappeared by 80%, and she was able to walk more freely…

“Laura-I just wanted to let you know that I had my appt.w/ my podiatrist shortly after our session and for the first time in MONTHS he said the swelling had gone down and the bone damage in the toe was stabilizing. Up until our session I was not allowed to do any type of exercise and now I have graduated to being able to use a stationary bike :-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the facilitator! I will see you soon…I have a feeling I will be able to graduate to “running” one day soon.”

“I recently took the Body Talk access class with Laura Hames in Brooklyn, NY. I had done a few private sessions with Laura after being recommended to Body Talk by a massage therapist in San Pancho, Mexico. I had these faint moles on my neck and during my massage she pointed them out saying, “This could be a virus. You should check out Body Talk when you get home.” Body Talk? I had never heard of Body Talk and I thought I had heard of everything. Something told me to listen and since I trusted this very gifted masseuse, I googled Body Talk as soon as I was back in NYC. I was lucky enough to find Laura who I connected with immediately  from the moment we spoke on the phone. I felt that I could trust her right away and I was excited about what she shared in regards to the body’s innate ability to heal itself and the power of perspective in relation to healthcare. About how there was nothing wrong, only places in the body where we could use some reorganizing… “priorities” in the body.

My experience was pretty intense from the start. I had a few very moving and insightful sessions, where I experienced a lot of physical and emotional release. But I was still not clear on exactly how any of this worked. So I signed myself up for the Access class.

Wow! This class filled in a lot of the blanks. It gave me a greater understanding of how Body Talk works and, even better, the tools to do 5 basic techniques on myself and others. I learned how it came to be, and I loved that fact that incorporated so many modalities that I believed in and yet it was unique. Body talk was about empowering the body to heal itself, not relying on someone with a completely different body and history to theorize on what was best for me. I loved it. I learned about the network of communication in the body and the brain and how vital it is to balance your left and right brain. At points in the class I felt invigorated, tired, and then rejuvenated.

There were about 8 people in the class and I felt that everyone had moments when their body’s were shifting energy. I was practicing one technique on a woman and she started to get so hot that she was sweating within moments. I could feel the release in her body and she could feel it too. And the best part was that all I was doing was lightly tapping on her head and sternum! Simply awakening the brain and heart to the links needed and wanted in her body at that moment! The best was when we did the technique for switching where we learned how to take the brain out of the “fog” of being switched off. Laura likened it to a computer. You know when your computer warns you “LOW BATTERY POWER” pretty soon it will shut itself off. Well that’s what happens in the brain too. It shuts off and your eyes may be open and you may even look half present but nothing’s on upstairs. This affects our judgement, ability to decipher left from right and overall clarity. Anyhow, after doing the simple switching technique, everyone felt more awake and present. What a great technique to have in your back pocket at home, work or where ever!

So, now we’ve taken the 30 day challenge to practice Body Talk every day for 30 days. I’ve found that just in the few days that I’ve done it, I’ve felt more grounded and peaceful. I am eager to use the technique to take myself out of fight of flight mode before my next big audition. So more to come soon :)

Krissy Oakes, NYC


BodyTalk Access and the Franklin Method are 2 systems that help to facilitate the body to work in a manner that supports the way the body is naturally designed. Laura Hames Franklin will be teaching a 3 hour workshop that will give you an overview of BodyTalk Access and the Franklin Method. Come learn more about these life-changing practices!

Date: June 10th, 2010

Time: 5:30pm-8:30pm

Cost: $20

Location: 122 St. Marks Ave. Apt 4, Brooklyn, NY

To register, contact Laura at laurahames@me.com

BodyTalk is a revolution in healthcare. It works to restore communications in the body that have become compromised. It is an effective way of accessing the body’s innate ability to heal itself. BodyTalk practitioners do not ‘diagnose,’ ‘prescribe,’ or ‘treat.’ Instead, the BodyTalk practitioner asks the client’s body what is its top priority to address, using a neuromuscular biofeedback technique and a protocol of questions.

The Franklin Method teaches you the know-how to make the most out of the body/mind continuum in a practical and hands on manner. We address the mind through the use of imagery in all its applications and we address the body by teaching you how it is designed to function.

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